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Since 1996, African Import has been selling authentic Adinkra Cloth, African Print Fabrics, Clothing, Custom Design Kente, Fraternity Kente, Graduation Kente, Jewelry, Kente Cloth Pieces, Leather, Mudcloth, Musical Instruments, Religious Items, Sorority Kente, Woodcarvings and other handmade African products. We offer UPS, FedEx and USPS ground shipping with all of our online purchases. If you would like your items shipped overnight, please call us at (270) 684-1818. Enjoy your shopping experience!
Class of 2017-Black
Our Price: $22.95
1466 in stock!
Black Student Union 2017 Kente Stole
Our Price: $34.00
23 in stock!
Class of 2017 Black Kente Gye Nyame
Our Price: $36.00
(Out of Stock)
NSBE-Class of 2017
Our Price: $24.95
100 in stock! Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority  Kente
Black Kente Stole
Our Price: $22.95
499 in stock!
AKA -Light Pink and Green
Our Price: $22.95
131 in stock!
NAACP Dark Blue
Our Price: $24.95
52 in stock!
AKA-Black African Colors
In stock soon. Order now to get in line. First come first served.
Our Price: $24.95
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Our Price: $24.95
98 in stock!